I really should write more… xo 


May musings…

I’m going through one of those “everything happens at once” time periods that include life, death, beauty and pain.. 

I’m not sure why this happens all in a singular space in time – a month, a week or a day.. but is it something akin to synergy maybe that when one event transfigures your life, another one follows? 

All I know is, I’m more thankful for every breath I take, I’m more grateful to every person I love & am more aware of my great God who loves me and sustains me.. 

Silent devastation

Eyes that hold a lifetime of moments 
words cannot contain their weight

She walks alone now where once she walked arm in arm, a lightness in her gait 

Memories unsaid yet told & retold in the recess of her mind

Years of love and tenderness now history

Will the days ahead be kind?

54 years of marriage held so many memories & joy that one can take.

Years where she smiled, laughed & cried with him

.. now filled with an empty ache

Wrote this for my grand aunt, the first time I saw her after her husband passed away… 


They say that there’s a thin line between love & hate; I think anyone close to your heart has the easiest access to cause the worst damage & love can easily turn to hate due to the strength of your feelings. Choice is removed from the equation yet God finds a way to position you in this complex tangled web of love & awkward conversation. 

A space where your heart is exposed & vulnerable. A place where one’s worst is accepted, tolerated or forgiven. 

Some pages of our story look like Tolstoy’s “War & peace” but underlying all that chaos is an undeniable bond shared between us that transcends time or distance…